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Yakishime - Earth Metamorphosis Ceramic Exhibition

Date Event : 17 October 2022 - 25 November 2022

Take a glimpse on Japan’s history on traditional culture through Yakishime, a ceramic exhibition comprised of 96 works from 17 October to 25 November at Museum of Asian Art, Universiti Malaya. Yakishime is described as the most basic means of producing ceramics by firing unglazed wares at high temperatures. The tradition embodied in these primordial wares continues unbroken to this day. This exhibition displays yakishime wares as part of Japan’s traditional culture, as a type of ceramics that has developed in distinctive ways in Japan. It presents their history, from the earliest examples to the present, through yakishime tea vessels, food vessels, and works that are transformations of yakishime into non-utilitarian objects d’art. Stay tuned as we will be sharing more about this exhibition on our Facebook and Instagram! This exhibition is coorganised by The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur, Museum of Asian Art, University Malaya and Embassy of Japan in Malaysia.

About Yakishime

Yakishime production began in the late twelfth century at the Bizen, Tokoname, Shigaraki, and other pottery centers drawing on the tradition of Sue wares, which dates back to the fourth or fifth century. In the Momoyama period (1568-1615), yakishime became treasured tea wares. Today, artists produce yakishime objets d’art as well as utilitarian vessel forms; yakishime has become an established style of ceramics in Japan. Yakishime wares are produced in a variety of forms and include some works with natural glazes due to ash falling on them during firing. Their long history continues today, with yakishime a familiar part of everyday life.


Last Update: 21/10/2022