New Colombo Plan Mobility project

11th February 2019 - Prof Kuru from Institute of Science Mathematic, Faculty of Science,UM, giving his speech during the presentation of finding by New Colombo Plan Mobility project. Four students from Flinders University, Australia has participated in this programme. Two of them present their finding from the Museum of Asian Art, Univ Malaya. 

Jelena Fabri, an archaeology student's, has given her presentation titled - Pottery in Malaysia: an archaeological perspective. 


Jessica Penrose, given her presentation titled - Analitical technique for determining date and origin of blue and white pottery originating fromm China. Both of them supervised by Prof Sithy Maniakam from Department of Physic, Fac Science, UM and Mr Abd Aziz Rashid, Head, Museum of Asian Art, UM. 

Among the lecturer - Prof Dr Henk Matseselar, Faculty of Engineering, UM. He also one of the supervisor in scientific method approach as suggested. 



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