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Notes : 

This morning, received a call from Prof Mamoru Abe from the University of Education, Fukuoka, informing him that he was honored and happy to be in Kuala Lumpur from April 28 - May 18, 2017. He informed that his curatorial writing will be sent to the University of Malaya in mid -June 2017, along with the writing of a gallery curator from Shimazu. His writing is in Japanese and English translation.

I also had a meeting with Mr Juhari to complete the first draft of the writing on Mamoru Abe’s Surveyed Map in Kuala Lumpur in mid -June a few days ago. For me, moments like this are important to note because in gallery management and curatorial writing, things like this are very important in ensuring.

Prof Mamoru Abe (Japan) and Prof Khai (Taiwan) received
from Dr Edzan. Photos were taken during the Asian Project

Prof Ramlan Abdullah (UiTM) and Anees Maani (Jordan) at Studio Akal Di Ulu, Juhari Said. May 2017

Master Series (II) Surveyed Maps, by Prof Abe. Mei 2017

Visited Encik Juhari Said's Studio, Akal in Ulu. [Mr Juhari (Malaysia), Ambi (Philippines) and Faizal Suhif (Malaysia) May 2017

Mr. Juhari and two Japanese artists. May 2017

In front of Mr. Juhari Said's Studio. May 2017
Prof Khai and Mdm Bibi Chew (MIA) May 2017

Ironwork at PM Ramlan Abdullah's Studio at one of the Industrial Parks in Selangor. May 2017

Abd Aziz Rashid

Mei  2017


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