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A group of Brunei Malays and Kedayan tribes in Sabah have a special gambus game culture. Their gambus in the Oud category by music researchers can be found among the Malays of Brunei Sabah from Kota Kinabalu to Kudat. However, the center for gambus development and activities is in Papar District, Bongawan and surrounding areas.

How is this Sabah gambus information obtained?

Is the Sabah gambus game still there or still being played?

When will this Sabah gambus be revived as a heritage art as important as other traditional music arts?

What are the characteristics or specialties of Sabah gambus compared to other musical instruments. Who are the identified informants who answered this gambus related question?

Nyian Awang Besar - Bongawan Tajul Munchi - Kg Pimping, Binsuluk. Malai Muhammad, Kg Manggis, Papar. Kg Pauh Darat, Bongawan. The village is accessed via an arterial road along a large water tire/rope from Kampung Malawaring, about 2 km from Pekan.

Process for Making Gambus Pak NyianBongawan:


Last Update: 28/03/2022