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A number of documents related to the methods and methods of performing work in museums have been coordinated. One of these work procedures is called a Work Instruction. These processes and documents are regulated by QMEC.

To enable these procedures and work processes to be registered and subsequently adopted by stakeholders, it is not easy. Presentation at the departmental level, PTj, Quality Committee until submitted to the University Management, requires research, refinement and so on.

There are 12 work instructions that have been created, being streamlined so that there are not too many AKs.

Among the work instructions (AK) that are being scrutinized and refined are AK Procurement, Exhibition, Inventory, Publication, Storage and Education.

Hopefully our party at the museum can achieve the target of compiling its official working documents in the near future (within 3 months). Is it possible?

As always, students who want to meet and get more info about the museum, I will first ask for a list of questions they want to ask. Based on past experience, students come empty -handed, and they start asking questions without a clear focus. Yesterday, I asked students who wanted to meet to get museum -related information. Here are the questions they want to ask.

  1. What is a university museum according to Mr. Aziz?
  2. What is the difference between a regular museum and a university museum, especially at UM?
  3. Does the university museum department at UM accept donations of personal artifact collections for displayed in a museum or gallery here?
  4. What is the meaning of conservation according to Mr. Aziz?
  5. What are the main objectives and mission of establishing a university museum?
  6. How can a museum help the outside community to understand and comprehend the art alone?
  7. What is the responsibility of the museum in forming a relationship with the community?
  8. What is the role of museums in the field of education?
  9. How can the museum share views in terms of culture and heritage?
  10. Is the UM museum involved with the International Museum Council?*

*To students who ask, your identity is kept secret. This copy is just to sharpen the mind and find a solution to your question.

If you are a person who is involved in the world of museums, please answer to master your knowledge of museums.

Abd Aziz Rashid |

2 Jun 2017


Last Update: 28/02/2022