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A Rare Collections from Southeast Asia

Date Event : 30th May 2022 - 29th July 2022


The exhibition “A Rare Collections from Southeast Asia” refers to collections that are rarely shown to the outside community and represent a remarkable expression of the history and heritage of Southeast Asian Art, especially from the collections of the Museum of Asian Art. This collection was the inspiration and request of a group of students who were undertaking industrial training at the Museum of Asian Art. They were keen to know the existence of such artifacts in the culture and heritage of Southeast Asia. Therefore, it is very interesting for the Museum of Asian Art to have the students’ and public's perspective on this matter, as it adds value to their experience and learning. The exhibition can also represent the views of general visitors to the museum.

These collections have their own uniqueness found in motifs, colors, shapes, and functions. Among the collections on display are Ban-Chiang pottery, Topeng or Hudo from Orang Kenyah and Kayan, a gift from a collector named Nelson from Kuching. A number of Orang Asli sculptures from the Jah Hut tribe in Jerantut, Pahang. Kain Limar and Kain Cindai - a collection of double tie textiles from Ahmadabad India and Terengganu. Rajastan stone pottery collection, Terracotta collection from Assam, India. Majapahit stone pottery in caramel/burnt sugar and traditional Malay carvings.


Last Update: 14/07/2022