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UM.80.168: Coconut Shaving


The carved object above is a type of home furniture that is commonly seen in the past, especially in rural areas. Known as a grater that has a serrated blade that is used to get the coconut filling from the shell and then to get coconut milk.

At the beginning of its existence, it was said to have been made only of wooden sticks and studded with serrated iron points. Then gradually his creation from functional to beautiful sculptural art decoration that is very much inspired by nature.

Kukur kelapa show a high and unique aesthetic value, especially in terms of shape and carving. For example the coconut claws of this museum collection are estimated to be in the mid-19th century. It is shaped like a four-legged animal filled with perforated carvings of plant patterns around its body and also dragon-shaped carvings can be seen under the neck. Behind the motives used each has its own philosophy.

Now its use is seen to be extinct with the availability of various modern cooking utensils that allow the quantity of coconut milk to be produced more and faster. In addition, coconut milk is available easily and 'immediately'.

Motif: Bunga Bakawali, Naga

Pattern: Awan larat

Technique: Tebuk Timbul Bersilat


Last Update: 26/02/2022