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Exhibition of UMFUSION:01 A New Chapter of Universiti Malaya Art Gallery

Date Event : 12 September 2023 - 20 October 2023


In conjunction with the UMFUSION 01 exhibition, 37 artworks have been selected to be exhibited for the first time in the new space, the University Malaya Art Gallery (UMAG). In line with the fusion theme, this exhibition combines the works of artists from both local and international, that come from a variety of styles, concepts, mediums, genres, and artistic philosophies, including some who are pioneers in their field.

These works are considered masterpieces and represent the diversity of artistic expression. The featured artists include MF Husain, the 'Picasso of India,' Peter Harris, Ibrahim Hussein, Chuah Thean Teng, Syed Ahmad Jamal, Abdul Latiff Mohidin, Lee Joo For, Khalil Ibrahim, and many more.

This exhibition also showcases artworks from artists who have been guest or residency artists at UMAG, such as Maamor Jantan, Juhari Said, Long Thien Shih, and others. Additionally, the exhibition includes six newly acquired paintings presented by the Mexican Embassy to Universiti Malaya, displayed at the end of the exhibition corner.

The UMFUSION 01 exhibition will be recurrent, held annually, that brings together a combination of diverse works of art and artists from UMAG's collections from 1954 to the present day. The following years will feature works from other artists including the use of different mediums such as sculptures, installations, and many more.

Last Update: 25/09/2023