The Celadon Porcelain


The Celadon Porcelain

Celadon is a type of high quality porcelain created during the Sung Dynasty (960-1279 AD). The first kiln to produce celadon was in Longquan, Southern China. The speciality of celadon produced from this kiln is the green glaze causing the porcelain to look like jade. Celadon are usually, light green, greyish green, olive green or monochrome in color. The existence of feldspar un the liquid glaze at a temperature of above 1,350 oC causes the shades of green to appear during the process of porcelain making.

The art of celadon decoration employs the carved and incised decoration techniques underneath the glaze. Many theories have been put forward regarding the importance of owning porcelain of this particular kind. Early Chinese believed that its value was equivalent to jade which was said to bring good fortune.

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